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What is this ?

This is my passion !

I´m an car guy and love to take alot of pictures when i´m to car shows, all from race to Motor show´s. I would love to share some of my pics with you guys, all from Motor show´s till Race´s Dragrace, streetrace, DTC and Drift, etc.

I have many diffrent gallery´s and even more ideas forsome new that not even is car leated but still some beuty pictures of the nature aorund were i live.

I got alot of ideas and plans for the future, i would love to share more than "only" car realted pic´s with you guys, but first i will show some of the car pictures. then i will take som other ideas up if u guys want it.

Why am i so into the car´s world ?

It all startet when i was born


It all startet when i was born, January 21 1998. i got my very first car model when i was born, legit the first gift from a familiy member was a Yellow Lamborghini Diablo i the scale 1/18 . From there i know that i should and will be a car guy. now i got over 50 model cars in the scale 1/18. I´m really facinated of whole the car would, all from the little race´s and tournaments in Denmark to the big and famous race series WEC, Formula 1 and WRC, etc.



I´m a 19 years old guy from Denmark, i´m born january 21 1998, I live in a city called Brøndby, And ATM. I´m half through my education to becoming an IT-Suppoter. In my sparetime i like to walk alot in the nature, play frisbee, go to car shows and play PS4. I stream GTA V or Rocket league. When i stream it goes on at Twitch where my name is Bovien_Dk, so go and feel free to follow. Sometimes i also make youtube videos all from gaming till car ralated stuff. you guys can find me as Bovien BlakMajik on youtube. I´m not so active at Youtube ATM. because i got alot to do and im very focused at my education and to my livestream when i got time for that. But if you guys want it then i can make some videos, all from gaming, cars, pranks, Frisbee, etc.


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